Fall salmon season openings

Fall salmon season openings

It’s hard to believe but salmon season on the River here in Pulaski is only a couple of short weeks away.
My September calendar is Pretty solid but I do have 2 colleagues that I guarantee will give you 110% so feel free to call regarding their services.


My September/October calendar has limited dates and they are as follows
September 14, 15 and October 25 through the 28 and Oct 30 and 31

As many have heard the fishing on the big Lake this summer has been nothing short of phenomenal and is as good or better than anything we’ve seen in the last 10 years that being said it’s a pretty safe bet we will be looking at an incredible salmon season on the River.

I know a lot of people have concerns regarding our steelhead well I’m going to go out on a limb and say I think were in good shape this year as we have been catching a good number of steelhead on the Lake as well.

All of that being said I feel confident that our fall and winter/spring steelhead fishery is back on track and should be quite productive once again.
Anyone interested float trips later this fall and throughout the winter give us a call now and get your dates locked up.
See you all on the River Capt. Steve



Hard to believe but it seems spring is here, If everything goes to plan our lake boat “the Seaduction” will be splashing down in its new early home port in Sodus bay at Krenzer Marine.
Normally the Brown trout fishing in that region is phenomenal hence our move. Our calendar is starting to fill but there are still plenty of openings we plan on staying there as long as the fishing opportunities remain best for our clients and will most likely remain in Sodus until June.
We still have a good number of openings for the spring Brown trout charters on the Lake and a few prime days in April still remain for either the lake or the Salmon River in Pulaski.

For smaller groups, one or 2 people only. We offer a more affordable package in our smaller boats on the south east shore these trips can be very productive for Brown trout given wind direction and water temperatures with catch rates every bit as good and sometimes even better than the big boat.
Don’t miss out on your trip of a lifetime so far things are shaping up beautifully and I personally feel it’s going to be a phenomenal spring give us a call at 315-298-4291 and we will get you on the books and into the fish

And so it begins fall salmon season, Pulaski, New York

And so it begins fall salmon season, Pulaski, New York

Hard to believe but once again we find ourselves looking at the end of summer and the arrival of our annual King and Coho salmon runs.

For the 1st time in roughly 3 years I am truly excited with the outlook of this fall.
Spending countless days on the Lake, IMG_7679both chartering and playing I have seen very positive signs of the increasing health in our fisheries.
As of this moment there are very very good numbers of both adult King and Coho salmon anywhere from 90 feet to 150 feet out in front of the salmon River.

Also this summer we caught an ample number of steelhead which appear to be quite healthy and averaging roughly 8+ pounds,image this is a good thing as the last 2 summers on the Lake produced very few steelhead hence the poor returning runs on the River last fall.
I feel quite confident that our steelhead season this year is going to be quite the improvement from last.
Although my personal calendar is basically full for this fall salmon season I do have a 2nd boat that is available with plenty of open dates for salmon season.
Please call if you are interested and we will do our best to accommodate your group.
We also still have plenty of available dates for steelhead throughout November and December

Remember don’t miss out on your trip of a lifetime, call us at 315-298-4291 and we will do our best to hook you up.
Hope to see you on the River with tight lines
Capt. Steven Kowalski

Salmon River reopened dates

Salmon River reopened dates

I’ve just had 2 prime October dates open up, the 19th, 20th  have just become available.
These are prime dates for both dime bright steelhead and possibly salmon on the salmon river here in Pulaski, NY..
On any of these 2 dates and angler can expect multiple hookups with these hard fighting fish.
Don’t drag your heels as these dates will not last. call or email now and get your day on the books

Lake Ontario / Lake Oneida updates

Lake Ontario / Lake Oneida updates

Just A quick update
The fishing on the Eastern basin of Lake Ontario continues to be somewhat tough.
Most of the salmon that we are seeing are juveniles, and the Brown trout bite is spotty at best, although some of the Brown trout we are catching are mammoth.
Lake trout fishing is still consistent with limit catches being taken daily.
Reports from the Western end of the Lake are good it appears that there are plenty of fish and the reports that we are getting from our colleagues on the Canadian side of the lake are phenomenal.
Contrary to reports issued by state of New York we certainly have no shortage of bait on this end of the lake given this I expect to see our Kings start moving in in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Lake Oneida is currently fishing well for walleyes and smallmouth bass.
Limit catches have been the norm if one puts in their time.
For those of you looking for a summer getaway we still have openings for the big Lake as well as Lake Oneida.
Give us a call at 315-298-4291 and we will hook you up.

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Lake Ontario reports and pictures

Lake Ontario reports and pictures

Well we are done with the River for the season.
And it is now go time on Lake Ontario.
Fishing has been pretty decent with a mix of Brown trout, lake trout, steelhead along with the occasional Atlantic.
We also had our 1st king of the season on the line last Saturday but unfortunately after a lengthy battle he spit the lure and eluded capture.
Our new home port for the seduction is now in Oswego, and we are ready to do battle at a moments notice.
If you would like to enjoy world-class trophy fishing on our beautiful Lake give us a call at 315-298-4291 and we will get you on board and into some beautiful fish.
We offer multiple packages and pricing’s and also have other boats at our disposal to accommodate your larger groups.

















Salmon River steelhead report

Salmon River steelhead report

Sorry for the lack of recent reports, but we have been very busy with other projects.
Regardless, as some of you may know the salmon River is still fishing very slow although If you put your time and you will most likely be rewarded with some beautiful steelhead and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Upon speaking with hatchery personnel it appears that the numbers of fish in the hatchery and nursery waters of Beaver brook and the upper Salmon River are in fact very good.
This being said we should expect to see an average to good spring dropback season.
With the winter is milder as it has been the Lake is already setting up nicely for our spring Brown trout fishing opportunities and we are in the process of rigging the boats for that opportunity.
Also I am happy to announce that we have a new boat in the flotilla that will give us the opportunity to properly expand our services to the Oswego River this is a custom-built Hyde powered by a 15 hp 4 stroke Yamaha engine.
This will give our clients an option when the salmon River is not fishing up to our standards.

Here are a couple of pictures from the last trip or 2 for your enjoyment

IMG_8939 IMG_8971 IMG_8973 IMG_8979

Salmon river winter Steelhead fishing report

Salmon river winter Steelhead fishing report

As old man winter watches over the salmon river here in Pulaski, NY. I’m happy to say that the higher water we’ve been blessed with has brought in even more Fresh Steelhead for us to enjoy.

Most of us are seeing a half dozen hook ups or more on an average day, some days more some days less.

I’m also told that there are more than enough Steelhead in the race way and beaver brook to accommodate the hatchery in their egg taking needs for the spring, That being said we should be in good shape for our spring dropback fishing.

We still have openings for March, April and early May so give us a call and we’ll hook you up !