Well fellow anglers, are you ready.

Things are starting to happen up here in Pulaski New York.

One or 2 fish and I literally mean only one or 2 fish are beginning to appear daily in the River there now appear to be enough fish out of temperature in the Lake to realize a possible run perhaps even triggered by the next weather event regardless.

My current openings are as follows September 14 15

October 25 27 28 30 and 31

also if you’re looking to book a drift boat trip for steelhead now’s the time to get your dates locked up the beginning of November has booked up pretty well but I still have plenty of openings from midmonth into mid-December this is prime steelhead fishing time and we’ve been getting a lot of them on the Lake this summer that being said I believe we’re going to see a decent fall for steelhead this year.

Don’t miss out give us a call and get your trip date secured with us