And so it begins fall salmon season, Pulaski, New York

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Hard to believe but once again we find ourselves looking at the end of summer and the arrival of our annual King and Coho salmon runs.

For the 1st time in roughly 3 years I am truly excited with the outlook of this fall.
Spending countless days on the Lake, IMG_7679both chartering and playing I have seen very positive signs of the increasing health in our fisheries.
As of this moment there are very very good numbers of both adult King and Coho salmon anywhere from 90 feet to 150 feet out in front of the salmon River.

Also this summer we caught an ample number of steelhead which appear to be quite healthy and averaging roughly 8+ pounds,image this is a good thing as the last 2 summers on the Lake produced very few steelhead hence the poor returning runs on the River last fall.
I feel quite confident that our steelhead season this year is going to be quite the improvement from last.
Although my personal calendar is basically full for this fall salmon season I do have a 2nd boat that is available with plenty of open dates for salmon season.
Please call if you are interested and we will do our best to accommodate your group.
We also still have plenty of available dates for steelhead throughout November and December

Remember don’t miss out on your trip of a lifetime, call us at 315-298-4291 and we will do our best to hook you up.
Hope to see you on the River with tight lines
Capt. Steven Kowalski