Lake Ontario reports and pictures

Lake Ontario reports and pictures

Well we are done with the River for the season.
And it is now go time on Lake Ontario.
Fishing has been pretty decent with a mix of Brown trout, lake trout, steelhead along with the occasional Atlantic.
We also had our 1st king of the season on the line last Saturday but unfortunately after a lengthy battle he spit the lure and eluded capture.
Our new home port for the seduction is now in Oswego, and we are ready to do battle at a moments notice.
If you would like to enjoy world-class trophy fishing on our beautiful Lake give us a call at 315-298-4291 and we will get you on board and into some beautiful fish.
We offer multiple packages and pricing’s and also have other boats at our disposal to accommodate your larger groups.

















Salmon River steelhead report

Salmon River steelhead report

Sorry for the lack of recent reports, but we have been very busy with other projects.
Regardless, as some of you may know the salmon River is still fishing very slow although If you put your time and you will most likely be rewarded with some beautiful steelhead and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Upon speaking with hatchery personnel it appears that the numbers of fish in the hatchery and nursery waters of Beaver brook and the upper Salmon River are in fact very good.
This being said we should expect to see an average to good spring dropback season.
With the winter is milder as it has been the Lake is already setting up nicely for our spring Brown trout fishing opportunities and we are in the process of rigging the boats for that opportunity.
Also I am happy to announce that we have a new boat in the flotilla that will give us the opportunity to properly expand our services to the Oswego River this is a custom-built Hyde powered by a 15 hp 4 stroke Yamaha engine.
This will give our clients an option when the salmon River is not fishing up to our standards.

Here are a couple of pictures from the last trip or 2 for your enjoyment

IMG_8939 IMG_8971 IMG_8973 IMG_8979

Salmon river winter Steelhead fishing report

Salmon river winter Steelhead fishing report

As old man winter watches over the salmon river here in Pulaski, NY. I’m happy to say that the higher water we’ve been blessed with has brought in even more Fresh Steelhead for us to enjoy.

Most of us are seeing a half dozen hook ups or more on an average day, some days more some days less.

I’m also told that there are more than enough Steelhead in the race way and beaver brook to accommodate the hatchery in their egg taking needs for the spring, That being said we should be in good shape for our spring dropback fishing.

We still have openings for March, April and early May so give us a call and we’ll hook you up !



1/5/16 Salmon river fishing report

1/5/16 Salmon river fishing report

Fished Aaron and Mike Today
Did much better than anticipated for coming off a water drop and water temps dropping into the mid 30s
We were able to land several and fight several more on both the spinning gear and back trolling
Air temps averaged about 12° for the day but the action was enough to keep everybody warm.
With only three other boats on the river and virtually no bank pressure our fish are finally beginning to act like

IMG_8851 IMG_8841 IMG_8860

New Year Pulaski, NY. Salmon river report

New Year Pulaski, NY. Salmon river report

The water is set to go back down to 750 cfs over the next 2 days and the fishing has been much better the last 2 weeks.
the higher water seems to have brought in some new fish, so a visit to the mighty salmon river here in Pulaski NY could reward you with some nice fresh chrome Steelhead
water temps have dropped into the mid 30’s and our Steelhead are showing up in their normal winter holding spots
Our drift boats are heated and the crowds are much lower than they have been so give us a call and we’ll hook you up








Salmon river Pulaski NY Steelhead fishing

Salmon river Pulaski NY Steelhead fishing

Spinners and beads were on the menu for today, much less crowded than it has been. As I’ve said before if you work hard for them you will find a few. Every day we float we are seeing a descent number of the little buggers but they are for whatever reason not being overly cooperative. here are a couple pictures from today’s trip.

IMG_8608 IMG_8602

Salmon river steelhead fishing update

Salmon river steelhead fishing update

Last week we began doing our float trips on the upper River.
As to be expected weekend crowds are high, but it really wasn’t that bad during the weekdays.
When I floated on Monday in the lower water I did in fact see a very good number of fish and we were able to successfully capture several of them.
When the water went up the fishing for the most part was quite acceptable throughout the entire week although admittedly conditions were much tougher on Saturday due to the overcrowding.

That being said, we have plenty of open dates for the month of December and still a couple of them remaining open in November as well.


IMG_8573 IMG_8592 IMG_8584 IMG_8580 IMG_8577 IMG_8570 IMG_8567 IMG_8564 IMG_8560


This about sums it up

This about sums it up

Fishing has been very slow .

If you cover a lot of water and put in your time there are a few to be had but they will not come easy .

we really need to see some heavy rain and steady Westwinds.

And still waiting

And still waiting

I wish I had better news but ever since we had the big winds a week ago the lower end of the River has been a tough go at best.
We are still getting our fish but only a couple a day and we are working hard for them, it is steelhead fishing as it used to be, not what everyone has been spoiled with the last several years.
Conditions today are looking good with a solid West Northwest wind and sporadic downpours I am hoping to see a decent push of fresh chrome in the morning.
I believe that I am going to begin floating the upper end of the River to see what is there over the course of the next couple of days, And we’ll let you know what we see.
See you out there
Capt. Steve